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contact our clinic directly at 602-840-3120

 After Hour Calls

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Our telephone is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


For non-urgent matters, we request that you call during our regular business hours.


If you have an urgent matter that cannot wait until the clinic reopens, we request that you utilize the after hours services provided by us or by your insurance carrier.  Check the back of your insurance card for information about after hours calls. 


If your insurance does not provide such a service, please call us at 602.840.3120. The call will be transferred to our answering service.  You should recieve a call back from an RN at Valley Pediatric Triage helping you with your urgent matter.


A provider from Camelback Pediatrics is always on call for issues that cannot be resolved by the telephone triage nurses.


We request that you do not utilize our after hour services for non-urgent matters. There may be a $25 charge for calls that are not urgent such as inquiring about clinic hours, who's on call, or non-urgent lab results.