After-Hours Telemedicine 

This consent form needs to be completed before your appointment.   Please click this link:

                                                               TELEMEDICINE CONSENT FORM    

This creates a PDF form that you can print and sign.  You can also digitally sign using Adobe Acrobat or other PDF readers.   Email the completed form to or fax to (602) 840-3237.

An $80 deposit is required, as we cannot verify insurance coverage after hours.  You will need to click on "Make a Payment", then enter the patient's information, including your child’s account number, which has been texted to you.   Please make a payment using this link:

                                                                 INSTAMED PAYMENT CENTER


We will refund your deposit after we receive the insurance payment.


Please enter the online waiting room 15 minutes before the appointment.  Just click the link that was sent in the text.


We have found these tips to be helpful:

  • Use your best smartphone, laptop or tablet.  The newer, the better. Cameras, speed and connectivity have improved.

  • Test your device.  Click on the “Pre-call Test” button in the lower left hand corner.

  • You and your child should be alone in a private area of your home.  It is impossible for us to have a successful visit if other children want in on the action.

  • Have a flashlight ready.

  • Write down this information:  your child’s current temperature, weight, height, a list of all medications your child is currently taking, allergies, and the name and zip code of your pharmacy.

  • Here is a 53 second video to watch that may help:    DOXY.ME TUTORIAL VIDEO


Save time when visiting the office and download all your patient forms here: