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Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder

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Concerns regarding attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (also known as ‘ADD” or “ADHD”) are not uncommon and the providers at Camelback Pediatrics can assist you and your child with evaluation and treatment.  Frequently, the problem presents with your child having behavioral or educational challenges.  We feel it important that you recognize this may be a difficult diagnosis and may require multiple visits to our clinic or to other health care experts before therapy is initiated.  These include general psychologists, psycho-educational psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, speech and language specialists, and reading specialists.  Occasionally, we determine your child’s needs are beyond our level of expertise or that your child is not responding as well as we would have envisioned.  In that case, we will make referral to a specialist.
If we are actively involved in ongoing care, we must see your child at a minimum of once every 4 months, oftentimes more at the onset of therapy or if therapy changes.  We will not prescribe medication refills without a visit at least that often.
We may need information from present and past teachers and the forms listed below have been shown useful in gathering such information.  Please download the forms, both teachers and parents, and have them completed before your initial visit.  If possible, it would be even better to bring them to the clinic a few days prior to the appointment to allow us time to review prior to your appointment.
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Vanderbilt Assessment Scale - Parents
Vanderbilt Assessment Scale - Teachers
ADHD Initial Intake Questionnaire