COVID-19 Office Information 


As we learn more about COVID-19, our policies continue to evolve for your safety.  Our goal is to minimize your contact with other people and to insure your exam rooms are ready to go.  Please be aware of the following information regarding your child’s visit.

  1. Masks are required for anyone age 2 and older. 

  2. After you park, call our office from your car.   (602) 840-3120, option 8.  You may wait in your car or in the courtyard.  We will call you when it is your turn to enter.

  3. In general, morning visits are reserved for well children and non-contagious problems such as feeding issues or behavioral issues.  If a child or caregiver has fever, cough, or chest pain, we are trying to keep them scheduled in the afternoon only, but as more parents/patients are immunized, we are getting sick kids in during morning hours depending on the issue.  This keeps less possibility of sick children being mixed in during well visits and hopefully minimizing any additional spread of contagious issues.

  4. Afternoon visits are for both well and possibly contagious children.   If your child is sick, you will enter through the door for our sick reception area.  We have separate team for well families and sick families.

  5. Telemedicine appointments.  Many patients have discovered this to be a fabulous option for some problems.  If you are interested, let our schedulers know and depending on the nature of the problem, this may work well for you. ​