COVID-19 Testing FAQ's


There are three types of tests for Coronavirus

            1. PCR: done with a deep nose swab.  This is the test currently used at testing sites and is to see if you currently are infected with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  It works by detecting genetic material from the coronavirus.

            2. Antibody:  done with a blood test. This test is to see if you had the infection sometime in the past.  Currently, these tests are thought to be quite unreliable as there are many false positives.  That means the test indicates you have had the infection, but in reality, you have not.  Please be very careful with this test, as you do not want to assume you are protected when you are not. In addition, we are still not sure that testing positive for the antibody really offers protection from the virus.

           3. Antigen: done with a less invasive nose swab (similar to the rapid flu test we do in the office).  This test was recently approved, but is not currently available.  This test is run quickly in the office and results are available in less than a day.  The down side is that there are a higher number of false negatives which means the PCR test may still have to be done to ensure that your child is truly negative.  It works by detecting an antigen, or protein, on the coronavirus surface.


Does your child qualify for testing?

      Yes, if your child has symptoms of COVID-19 infection.  Most patients have fever, cough        or chest pain.  Children may not have any symptoms.  Most testing sites usually require        that your child has some symptoms.

Yes, if there is a known exposure to someone with a laboratory confirmed case of COVID-19


Where can you be tested?

  1. Banner Drive Up Testing Site at the Arizona Fair Grounds.   You MUST call 844-549-1851 to speak to clinical team member to determine if testing is appropriate and be given an appointment.  Your child will remain in the car for this test.  Non-insurance fee is $75.00.  Insured fee is your co-payment.  

  2. Banner Urgent Care:  Your child will need to see a provider at one their clinics who will determine if the test is appropriate.  Multiple valley locatons.

  3. Honor Health Urgent Care: Your child will need to see a provider at one of their clinics who will determine if the test is appropriate. Multiple valley locations. 

  4.  CVS MinuteClinics:  No-cost drive through at select sites.  You must be at least 18 years old.  You must register on line to make sure that you qualify. 

  5.  Walgreens: Testing is available by appointment only and only for individuals who meet CDC testing criteria. Individuals must first complete an online health assessment at 

  6. Metier Pharmacy:

  7. Here is a full updated list of testing sites in our area:


Do you need a prescription for testing?  Would it speed up the process?

No.  Unfortunately, not. 

While we are not testing for COVID-19 at our practice, your detailed questions and concerns could be addressed with our providers through either an in-office appointment or done via a telemedicine appointment.  You can schedule this by calling the office at 602-840-3120 and our schedulers can get this taken care of for you.

For the most up-to-date information regarding Coronavirus, click on these websites:


 Maricopa County Dept of Health    


Arizona Department of Health Services


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