The doctors at Camelback Pediatrics are aware of the concerns many parents have regarding childhood immunizations.  We know that you desire only the best for your child's health and wish to make safe, reasonable decisions.  We also understand how difficult it must be to reconcile conflicting information you receive from friends, the media, the internet and other sources.


We feel it important that you know that all of the doctors at Camelback Pediatrics believe that the current immunization schedule suggested by the American Academy of Pediatrics is best for your baby.  This is the same schedule that has been endorsed by the Center for Disease Control, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, and the American Academy of Family Physicians.


Some of our parents are of the belief that using an alternative schedule is safer or better for their child.  All of the doctors at Camelback Pediatrics feel differently:  we worry that delaying immunizations or using alternative schedules (such as separating individual components) is not wise for the following reasons:


1.  There are multiple, carefully conducted medical studies that  demonstrate that children who receive immunizations according to established schedules have NO higher risk of autism or other problems compared to children who did not receive immunizations.


2.  There exist no studies demonstrating that alternative schedules are any safer.


3.  We worry that delaying or splitting up the immunizations may leave your baby susceptible to life threatening illnesses for a longer period of time.  These illnesses do exist and if not in our community today they are only a car trip or plane ride away.  These illnesses can be extremely serious and are particularly devastating to infants and younger children. You might wish to Google "measles Tucson", "pertussis Arizona" or "hib Minnesota" to find out about some recent outbreaks.


4.  We have data demonstrating the effectiveness of the immunizations given according to the routine schedules.  We have no data that demonstrates that the vaccines will work as well if given on an alternative (unstudied) schedule.


5.  It will cost you more money to have the immunizations split up and you have to make multiple trips to our office.


6.  Your baby gets more shots if you choose to separate the vaccine components from one another.


We thank you for trusting us to care for your children and remain committed to making thoughtful and prudent decisions in all aspects of their health.



Dr. Milton Scharff

Dr. Kristin Struble
Dr. Forrest Gnagi

Dr. Monica Nania

Dr. Valerie Jacobs

Crystal Ostermyer, PA-C