Telemedicine Appointments



Camelback Pediatrics Has Telemedicine Appointments!



Yes, we are now offering telemedicine appointments.  When you call our office to schedule your appointment, please be sure to ask our schedulers if your visit will qualify for a telemedicine appointment!


(now, for the fine print)

  1. Our experience tells us that only 50% of our patients have insurance that cover Telemedicine appointments with us.  This is despite Governor Ducey’s executive order.  After hours, we will not be able to verify your insurance coverage.  You will be asked to pay $80.00 if you wish to proceed.  Instructions on how to do this are further down.  If your insurance pays for this service, we will issue you a credit as soon as we receive payment.  It is possible that the service will be more than $80.00 depending on the nature of the appointment and therefore, a statement will be sent for the balance due.

  2.   Always paperwork.  This consent form, along with any other necessary office forms, need to be       
      completed before we can finalize your scheduled  appointment.   
                                       TELEMEDICINE CONSENT FORM

This creates a PDF form you will need to complete.  You can print and sign using a pen (old school).  You can also edit and digitally sign using Adobe Acrobat, or any other PDF reader.  Either way, we can’t finalize your scheduled appointment without this form.  You will need to return this to us as quickly as possible. 


NOTE:  There may be other paperwork required for your appointment as well. Our Front Office staff will advise you when they send you the email in preparation for your scheduled appointment. 


You may email all the completed form(s) back to us to or fax to (602) 840-3237.

    3.  Please enter into the online waiting room 15 minutes before the appointment.  Just click the link we’ll 
         send you in the email from "".  If the appointment is during our normal office hours,
         our Front Desk staff will get you started  and then it’s time for our Medical Assistant.  Afterhours, one of
         our providers will be the next person up. 


         We have found doing this helps us a lot:

  • Use your best smartphone, laptop or tablet.  The newer, the better. Cameras, speed and connectivity have improved.

  • Test your device.  Click on the “Pre-call Test” button in the lower left hand corner.

  • You and your child should be alone in a private area of your home.  It is impossible for us to have a successful visit if other children want in on the action.

  • Have a flashlight ready.

  • Write down this information:  your child’s current temperature, weight, height, a list of all medications your child is currently taking, allergies, and the name and zip code of your pharmacy.

  • Here is a 53 second video to watch that may help:   


     4.  Oh yeah, the payment.  If it’s during Office hours, our Front Desk will collect payment, if applicable,
          during check-in. If it’s after hours, we will have you click the link below to make payment.  You will need
          to know your child’s Patient ID to do this, so we will text you this number.  Please click here to post a 

                                        INSTAMED PAYMENT CENTER

     5.  Our procedures are a little different when we are open and when we are closed.

  • When we are open: call and schedule the appointment.  We will try and schedule with the provider of your choice and find a good time.  We will verify your telemedicine insurance coverage.  Depending on what we learn, you may have to pay first.  Our Front Desk staff will collect when they check you in for your appointment.

  • When we are closed.  This is for urgent matters that can’t wait until we are open.  Call our office number, (602) 840-3120, and select the option for our Answering Service.  They will take down important information and share it with the provider on-call.  You will be texted your account number so that you can pay via InstaMed.  You will receive a second text from a provider in about 10 minutes with a link for the appointment and the time of the appointment.

  • WE MAY NOT ALWAYS HAVE TELEMEDICINE AFTER HOURS.  Worry not, if we do not, on urgent matters that cannot wait until the next day, you will be directed to Valley Pediatric Triage.  This option remains open to you if you would prefer not to use telemedicine.


This is a great tutorial video to watch prior to your visit:
                 Tutorial Video (53 seconds) 



**Please ensure you complete this Telephone/Telemedicine Consent Form prior to the start of your appointment. (NOTE:  To sign digitally, you must open the document in a PDF application).  Once signed, you can email the completed form back to us to or fax to (602) 840-3237.



This will take you to a new website to make your payment.  Simply click on the link "Make A Payment", then enter your payment amount and all requested information, which includes the Patient ID and name of the patient who has the appointment.  Please ask your provider for the Patient ID when they call.